Most store-bought supplements are formulated from the most inexpensive raw materials available and have the potential to be contaminated with impurities and allergy inducing fillers. Many such products may contain only a small percentage of the ingredient advertised on the label, and are manufactured for sales volume rather than quality and dependability. This is the primary reason many of us abandon our store-bought supplements after a week or so, realizing that they simply don’t work- because they’re designed to sell, not work the way we think they should.

TheBlueCounter products are different. We offer purity and balance in our supplements, as opposed to our over-the-counter competitors. Put simply, we actually care about what you’re taking. Our pharmacist-recommended formulations are made with meticulously selected ingredients; including but not limited to innovative, professional grade, weight loss and Anti-aging formulas. TheBlueCounter products are supported by clinical evidence so you can rest assured that the product contains strictly what the label says it does. Each product is rigorously tested and is backed by scientific evidence- the evidence we demand from our sources before a product hits our virtual shelves. This attention to detail makes TheBlueCounter products truly superior.

All of this is great but it still categorizes us as just another supplement store, leaving some to wonder “What really makes you different?…”

What really makes us different is just how we make a difference. TheBlueCounter products are all natural, professional grade, and held to higher standards than those produced for retail outlets. Having the knowledge of what goes into the TheBlueCounter’s products develops a trusted and lasting brand for people to feel good about. But there’s still more!

Praetorian Rx LLC, the company powering TheBlueCounter, provides tailored, direct, care to patients online. Praetorian Rx has created specialized medication therapy management (MTM) programs that bring patients and caregivers peace of mind by improving the quality of their health care. With the specialized programs offered, the patient is able to go through web-based seminars hosted by pharmacists who go over, with you, the ins-outs of your prescribed medication, answer questions, and provide in-depth pharmaceutical assistance. The basis of MTM is to let the patient be in charge of their health care needs in a noninvasive manner. Praetorian Rx gives the patient the power to manage their medication, saving money, time, and effort understanding their specified medical needs, which eventually leads to the achievement of health related goals.

We believe in making a difference in peoples lives beyond their health and accomplish this by giving back to the community. At your request, we donate 5 % of the profit generated from your purchases to designated organizations, people, and causes that make a difference in our community. In fact we have an entire program dedicated just to charity, called “Give5” that allows you to help yourself while helping another.

We actively search for opportunities to give to the community, so tell us how we can help you improve your health while helping to improve YOUR community. With all that said, we thrive on being a different company, one that our patients, physicians, and community can count on and trust as the Guardians of Health

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