Our Story

The Blue Counter was started by a clinical pharmacist who specializes in helping patients achieve their health goals and avoid adverse health and an entrepreneur with years of experience in the trenches of health retail. Everything began when a patient suggested that it would be nice to buy products directly from the pharmacist who’s spent time getting to know “me and my unique health needs”. This suggestion combined with our founder’s determination to provide human-centered, high quality service blossomed into The Blue Counter. Our focus in on you and providing high quality, clinically sound professional grade products to improve your health and wellness. We know how prescription medications work and what natural medicines and herbal substances can achieve comparable effects. We pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to health challenges and helping clients obtain, maintain and protect their good health. Good doctors have high standards of care- with that in mind, our purpose is simple: To be your doctor’s first choice for your vitamins, supplements, natural medicines and wellness products.


Put simply, we respect and value the human experience. We show this by keeping perspective of why we are in business- to serve our community and improve lives. We believe in utilizing business to advance social well being. This includes producing patient-oriented products, giving back to the community, and being obsessed with quality.

We Believe:

  • In people first. We help people find what works for their health vs what works best for our bottom line. This is a part of our clinical approach. Our ethical guidelines discourage “herding” our patients to one product simply because the item is profitable.
  • One size does not fit all and each client has unique needs which affects how products work in their body. If your current product does not work for you, let us know what’s going on (within 30 days, please) and we’ll work with you to select a more effective course of therapy.
  • In providing our clients with the opportunity to recommend or contribute directly toward a cause (Charity, nonprofit organization, school etc.).

More About Us

Thebluecounter.com is a Self-Care and wellness store offering high quality professional grade wellness and Self-Care products to help you achieve your health goals.  Our company was founded by pharmacists which means that we understand exactly how vitamins, supplements, over the counter and prescription medications affect your body and impact your well-being. Armed with this knowledge, we hand select only high quality professional grade products to make your life better from the inside out.

How Are We Different?

Its About You

We make things easier for you and help you meet your health needs by providing you with answers so you can make an informed decision. We bring you peace of mind by offering high quality professional grade products supported by clinical research. We serve you with a goal of improving your wellness and quality of life.

It’s About Quality

The quality and potency of store bought vitamins, herbal and nutritional supplements is unreliable but we sell nothing but high quality professional grade products so you don’t have to worry about quality or potency issues found in store bought wellness products. Dietary supplements (vitamins, herbal supplements, botanicals, amino acid products, enzyme supplements) are not evaluated by the FDA but we help reduce your risk of harm by offering only products that have clinical research supporting their use.

Our Approach

We approach Self-Care and wellness with a personal touch and with clinical diligence. Blue Counter Groups are a convenient way to connect with others who share the same health interests. Get answers from your peers and medical professionals and to carry The Blue Counter experience beyond the screen.
You should always consult your physician or pharmacist before you take supplements or wellness products but our clinical team, led by pharmacists, is here to guide you to appropriate choices. Good doctors have high standards of care. With that in mind our brand is crafted to be your doctor’s first choice for your vitamins, supplements and wellness products.

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