I can’t express to you how much the Velvet Antler Extract has helped my fibromyalgia, pain, mood and menopause. I cannot express to you enough how much it has improved my life. Before taking the supplements It took me hours to prepare for my day. Since I started taking the supplements, I feel a 98% decrease in my pain level and now I’m back doing the things I enjoy doing. During menopause I was having a hard time focusing and concentrating but this supplement helped improve my emotional stability, memory, mood and over all outlook of life. I went off of the supplement for a few days and I could definitely notice the difference.

Gloria Edwards

After receiving a professional consult from Dr. Lanier regarding the benefits of Sub-L, Sub-MIC, and Remabolic as it relates to my overall health needs I decided to test the product.  I begin with having my blood work done prior to starting.  After 90 days I have more energy, no aches or pains in my joints.  My cholesterol levels are down by 12 points and A1C down to 5.1.  As an Aliied Healthcare provider I highly recommend these products.

Leven Chuck Wilson MSW
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