How We Give Matters Too

We realize that sometimes donations sometimes do not always go toward their intended use. Rest easy knowing that when it comes to donations, we: 1) Take care to ensure the institutions we give to are fiscally responsible and reputable  2) Often request that the receiving organization specify and certify exactly how funds donated through BlueCounter are used.

Sometimes, we may utilize the donated funds to purchase tangible goods like books, school supplies, non-perishable food etc… and give those to the organization (this will be clearly communicated to you that you are giving items and not cash).

As time progresses and more donations are given, we would love to share with you data regarding the impact of your gifts. We want you to know that we will never, under any circumstances, use donation money for any internal operational, purposes. If you elect give $5.00, that $5.00 will be given in its entirety to a not-for-profit/educational/charitable/scientific/noble cause organization.



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